My technique for curbing impulse purchases

We’ve all been in that situation. You’re out shopping and you’re in (insert trendy retail store) looking at (insert overpriced item) and for some strange reason the stars have aligned and you look great in it. You look at it in the mirror, your friend thinks it looks good, the commission salesman says you look REALLY good, and you want it so bad.

You look at your bank account and try to think of a way you can afford it, what you could do without this month, how much you actually prefer Ramen over going out to eat anyway. 

Either you buy it and regret it later (usually the last few days of the month) or you put it back and walk out. 

I’ve been in this scenario countless times and have developed a way to curb that impulse that’s very simple and has been very effective.  All you have to do show a small amount of self-control and you and your account will thank you later. 

For me it’s usually a new suit or sport coat…or watch…….or sunglasses.  I’ll try it on and think “Gosh I look pretty good in this” and before I even think about buying it, I’ll walk out.  It leaves the store employees slightly annoyed and disappointed but I always provide that empty promise “I’ll be back later to get it.”  

I’ll leave the shopping center and if I’m thinking about it a few days later, I’ll go back. If I still want it and have that same burning desire I did previously, I’ll try it on, put it down, and walk out again. If I don’t care for it as much and that impulse has faded then I’m good, no more worries. 

If I still really want it I wait at LEAST 10 days before going back in and making the purchase. I’ve found that going over a week the third time weeds out 80% of those impulses and most of time I completely forget about it. 

I figure if I go a couple weeks from first contact and see it in multiple visits it means it’s not an impulse anymore but a calculated purchase. 

I promise this works, next time your in that situation give it a shot!


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