What’s your motivation?



I’ve spent the last couple of weeks at my cabin in Jackson Hole.  I try to get out here 3-4 times a year and this time I especially enjoyed my time here.  I’ve purchased several properties here over the years, and find the competition for good Teton mountain views harder and harder to find.

One of the many reasons why I enjoy coming here is the renewal of my energy and motivation.  I remember the extremely frustrating periods of time when energy was low, determination gone, and motivation suffering.  We all hit those points, and I’ve found it’s important for me to have a clear goal and proper motivation to overcome the plateaus and continue progressing.

When I’ve talked to individuals who are sick and tired of the daily grind, I ask them what they’re working for, why do they keep going, what’s at stake if they give up?  This helps bring things back into perspective, remind them of their priorities and give their current situation purpose.

I recommend you continually find motivation for your success.  You won’t be able to outwork everyone else and do what others won’t if you don’t have a clear picture of what you want.  Whether that’s a zero balance on your credit card statement, a shiny new sports car, or for me a cozy cabin in Jackson Hole, don’t give up success will come!  Be patient, don’t get discouraged and one day it’ll all be worth it.


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